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Proactive Recruitment Approach

World placement
Personally vetted talents
Performance based

Active sourcing is a proactive recruiting approach, committed to finding, attracting and sourcing the best talents.

Women's community

We are founders of HerVoice inTech – women in technology community

Global coverage

We supply recruitment services with professional talents from all over the world


You always see what you get and we replace the candidates without any extra charge.

International employment made easy

Through Lano a German technology company specialized in international employment, payroll and contractor management systems we can offer you:

LANO One smart platform to grow global teams

Hiroket and Lano partnership ensures that our clients are able to recruit, hire and onboard international employees in a matter of days, not weeks.

Exclusive benefits prices for Hiroket clients

10% Discount when hiring 5-10 international employees
20% Discount from the 11th international employee
FREE International hiring consultations
FREE Registration to the Lano platform
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People grow companies when companies grow people. Simple as that.

Andreea Tănase

CEO & Co-founder

Mihai Chilianu

Technology Expert

Raluca Grosu

Head of Strategic Partnerships & Sales

Stefan Cotoman

Senior Tech Recruiter

Paula Badulet

Tech Recruiter

Adelina Rădulescu

Tech Recruiter

Adrian Ivan

Senior Tech Recruiter

Irina Tărița

Tech Recruiter
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We have created this community to encourage, support and nourish any type of information, discussions, experience that will be valuable to female technology professionals!